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Special Show

Today, I dropped off a watercolor painting which is very near and dear to my heart to be exhibited at the Point Loma Credit Union from September through November. This watercolor is 12 inches by 18 inches which is not a large by any means, but huge in comparison to what I’m used to. It’s been propped up in my studio for quite a long time so I’ll really miss looking at it while I work. I loved how the colors turned out and tried to put a lot of emotion into the expressions.

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Formula 1 Fan

My husband and I are relatively new to the world of Formula 1 racing, but I can tell it’s a hobby that will be with us for a long, long time. Love the excitement, the races, the cars, the drivers, and really everything about it. He was fortunate enough to attend a race this summer and had a fabulous time.

As an artist always looking for inspiration, I created a couple of paintings to try and capture a little bit of the racing spirit. The medium I chose was acrylic paint which I haven’t used in a loooong time, but it just felt right. It was a tough decision, because my first love is really watercolor, but I knew after the first brushstroke that acrylic was the only way to go for these paintings.

Here are a couple pictures – hope to do a vertical painting when I get some more time.